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    No terrorist organization or terrorist group in this world,uses names or numbers like this.


    Rik Clay is on the right track with his consperacy theory.
    That it is all to strange with all the same number or numbers in this terrorist attacks,
    no terrorist organization or terrorist group in this world,uses names or numbers like this.

    Have anyone put out that theory that God,Jesus and Satan are setting us up and playing with number and numbers
    against us.
    As it is seen here below in many cases.


    Was not Jesus said to be the (King of Kings) and he died on a (Cross).

    (King's) (Cross) Train Station,London.
    After all the 3 Trains had left the (King's) (Cross) Train Station,the 3 Trains exploded.
    and after the Bus had passed through the (King's) (Cross) area,the Bus explodes too.

    Very similar (Names): Jesus, (King of Kings) and he died on a (Cross).
    Also here similar (Names): (King's) (Cross) Train Station.

    there is a Cross in the ruins of the World Trade Center buildings.
    and kings Cross Train Station
    and Jesus died on a Cross

    Average age of all of the victims in the 7/7 London Bombings is 33 years.
    Same age as when Jesus died at 33 years old on the cross.

    Is Jesus and God perhaps linked to all this terrorism also which is here below on this page?
    (H)eaven and (H)ell, HH
    (H)eysel and (H)illsborough, HH

    Here also is 2,disasters which are strange
    Both disaster happened two the same Football club Liverpool.
    Heysel Stadium disaster 1985 and Hillsborough Stadium disaster 1989.

    Titanic sank 15.April 1912 and Hillsborough Stadium disaster 15.April 1989
    1912-1989=77 years between this two disasters.
    7/7 London Bombing.

    Date difference from Mar 31, 1909 to May 31, 1911

    Titanic,laid down on 31.March 1909 to Titanic,launched on 31.May 1911

    The total number of days between Wednesday, March 31st, 1909 and Wednesday, May 31st, 1911 is 791 days.
    This is equal to 2 years and 2 months.
    this is also equal to 26 months.

    26,People(Victims) died in Russell Square.
    26,people(Victims) died in three other places (7+6+13).
    52,People(Victims) died in all.

    26+26=52,People(Victims) died in the 7/7 London Bombings.

    Full year is 26 weeks + 26 weeks =52 weeks.

    World Trade Center,North Tower=26,letters in all the names.
    World Trade Center,South Tower=26,letters in all the names.

    26 letters + 26 letters=52 letters.

    First World Trade Center attack was on 26,February 1993. 6,People died.
    On 9/11: In all 265,People died on four Airplanes: Passengers,Pilots,Flight Attendants,Terrorists.

    26,6. (1993,World Trade Center).
    265. (9/11,2001).
    Very similar numbers here in both terrorist attacks, 26,6 and 265. (1993:(26),6 and 2001:(26)5. 26,number here twice.
    9,Flight crew members died,when the Airplane hit the World Trade Center,South Tower.
    11,Flight crew members died,when the Airplane hit the World Trade Center,North Tower.
    on 9/11.

    Is 9 and 11 flight crew members death planned in advance maybe?

    Terrorist=9,letters in name.
    Afghanistan=11,letters in name.

    Tony Blair=9,letters in his name.
    George W. Bush=11,letters in his name.

    Osama Bin Laden died on 2,May 2011.
    9 years, 4 months and 7 days,
    after the United States of America attacks on 9,September,2001.

    Is Osama Bin Laden death also planned in advance maybe?
    (9) years, (4 months and 7 days) 4+7=(11), (9)/(11).

    North vs South, American Civil War:
    The American Civil War,ended in 1865 (1+8)=9 (6+5)=11
    9/11 planned in advance,since The America Civil War maybe?