Rik Clay Foundation

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    • CommentAuthorwendylou
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2012
    hi i have the latest uncensored magazine and was interested to see that there was as article in there by Rik Clay about the london 2012 olympics presumably put in there by an interested party, and listened again to one of Rik Clays interviews on Red Ice creations, which refreshed my mind about previous ones I had seen. i was realy saddend to hear of Riks passing. He was a truly gifted person with a brilliant young mind far beyond his years, and has left a powerful message for those who will listen.

    In keeping with what I have read on the website has any one seen Foster Gambles 'Thrive' video it is on You Tube free to see and just google Thrive Foster Gamble for further info, this is a very inspiring movie, informative and has an excellent and hopeful message for mankind. Just another for the mix so to speak.

    Thanks and love and gratitude to all

    From Wendy