Rik Clay Foundation

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    hey guys,i went on the footsteps of rik and found some amazing facts. Accordingly i would say that there wont be a ufo landing on the olympics but i would say their will be some multiple explosions in london.They will destroy the big ben and westminister because they have some serious plans for jeruselum on the land which is exactly bellow the maincord of earth's energy flow.They are wanting a pandamonium to destroy peoples mentallity so when the spiritual drift occurs at the end of the year because of the fact that humans been hit that hard people will embrace what ever hit them spiritualy .to hit people mentally before giving spiritual shock they are using the olympics as a tool.there wont be any explosions in the stadium. But there would be multiple attacks allover london.

    Here these are some SERIOUS FACTS. According to astrology,numerology,horaray and all the other ancient knowledges on 11-12-2012 .,10 days before the transition ''something from the sky would come to earth,it'll revolutionize thinking of all the human beings..everyone on the earth will be shaken''-this is exactly what ancients knew thats going to happen 1000s of years ago_so did the illuminati because their period of existance coinside with these knowledges.they knew that if they can use this occasion for their profit they'll be able to produce their own demonic jeruselum in their backyard.to use this occult they planned an extraterestial meeting on the soil of thier new jeruselum ages ago. That is what we saw as aliens and ufo's.They produced them in Area51 and sent through out the world to show people that there are aliens and they move in ufo's/flying saucers.they produced tv shows such as x files with the theme 'i want to believe'to give the people a subliminal punch.It doesnt mean that there are no extraterestrials but the plot is how do we know that they move useing mechanicl sources like UFO's.illums created this phenomina for their ocult on 11/12/2012.according to ancients those extra terestials arent mechanical ,but they are evolved to a high spiritual level...this is a universal tree.to practise the ufo landing on 11th they practised it early on a pressure event of 1984 oly.
    Uk and usa are not 2 different countries .in the one world order london will be the spiritual capital while NY will be financial capital.event in date 11-12-2012 had lead number 11 to be their favourite.even when you calculate the whole you get the number 9. 9/11 .
    U c what it is building up to.u cant kill whats allready dead after olym they'll take war to jeruse/iran as blakes poem states they r goin for war to build jeruse in their home.