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    • CommentAuthorcjsteele
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2012
    I just got finished watching parts 4-7 of Rik's interview on Red Ice Creations Radio about 2012. I was stunned to find out Rik died.
    Right now I feel so confused. Everything I thought was "real" has been from my birth to now has all been constructed. I have been told that it's been a group of select humans on earth that has been running things for a long time, and I am just begining to wake up. When it is shown to you the way Rik has done, it's seems so clear so FAKE. I was born into a Roman Catholic family, but I always wanted to know "Why". When I got old enough, I started asking hard questions and found my religion to insufficient to answer the questions. There was a time when I felt insecure about reality. But somehow I ended up believing in reincarnation and the paranormal, which gave me hope. Like any other North American Human, I believed that reality was simply a conglomeration of other human ideas and inventions. I never in a trillion years had thought, my reality was being pre-directed. I believe in GOD but not as a person with a name or sex, I believe everything is made of GOD and we humans are intimately linked to GOD through love. When we love, we are directly expressing god. I have not given up on my fellow humans, but I feel I am powerless to stop what feels to be enevitable and predicted by other civilizations throughout history. The great American Empire, a 100 year experiment of capitalism turned corrupt by corporations which by the way ARE NOT PEOPLE, is about to fall as did the Roman's. Money, the thing that we both love and hate at the same time,is coming to end. Sure, we will always have a need to exchange services, but the way we go about re-paying our fellow human beings with paper is done. This alone has the potential to serve as the catalyst for our civilization to fail. I am told that for a time humans in their desperate need to hold onto the past will allow for a worldwide currency which allow for a one world government, with most of our rights we decided long ago not to infringe upon will be taken away so as to guarantee a temporary civilization. Add to this the potential for cataclysmic events,that which the earth has not experienced in 30,000 years, is about to take place and if one ancient civilization is correct will take place THIS YEAR. I am also told that humans will begin returning from physical bodies to 4th dimensional points of consciousness. Whether that simply mean all humanity will experience physical death, or that the change will be a completely conscious one is unknown. Since no human knows or at most knows very little about about what happens after physical death, fear still remains in the global consciousness. I personally feel if I have to do this "physical 3d nightmare" over again without the knowledge it has taken me 33 years to obtain, I will be PISSED. I realize there are things we humans can do on the 3rd dimension, that is impossible to do on the 4th and viseversa. Luckily, although not taken seriously enough we get GLIMPSES of the 4th dimension every night in the form of dreams, which the majority of us do not take seriously and have been told by our parents that when we have a nightmare it is JUST a dream "there,there dear". What we fail to realize is the dream world is another form of reality, one that just may await us after physical death. We all know there are things we can do and say in the dream (ie 4th dimension) that we can't or won't do on the here on the 3rd. For some of us humans especially those who are both asleep and are mired in material things, moving forward to the 4th dimen(sion) will be very hard. However, think hard of the "fun" we will have flying, soaring, unbound by physical laws such as gravity and acceleration and inertia. No more hunger, thirst, illness,ect, it just doesn't exist on the 4th. What does exist is pure creation from thought, with all of the splendor that it entails. I have absolutely no doubt, and I know I am addressing one right now, of you who no matter what is said or done, until it is done, will believe a word on this page. Although it saddens me to an extent, I have to realize THAT. I have to realize that creation comes in every form imaginable and for every human being with an mind, there will be another belief. Therefore all I ask, is that, when the time comes, and you will know that time, that you think about what was written hear and then, forget it, because it will be irrelevant, and let's face it you'll be having too much fun creating your reality out of nothingness.
    Love Christopher Steele