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    • CommentAuthorbobski
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2011 edited


    At first glance its just the BT logo but look closer can you see it, Yes a snake plain as day serpents are related to Apollo the sun God.


    The paramount logo

    The paramount logo has pyramid surrounded by 22 stars divide by 2 you get 11, its everywhere.


    The connection to kings island
    Now this is quite interesting paramount pictures have a theme park which just happens to be in a city called mason. Its called kings island could be related to the Zion prince William also they work with other companies with smiler logos, just check out there logos crazy the actual logo for the theme park has a 11 in the word island.


    CBS with the all seeing eye


    Ceder Fair the C and the F are quite serpent like and theres a pyramid on the logo


    ABC logo theres a eye in that too


    Viacom logo more pyramids


    Center piece of the park


    The center piece
    These things are all over the world in different sizes if you watch Rik Clay videos he explains it as well,but he left out this theme park think he would have enjoyed looking into this one R.I.P Rik.This is only the tip of the iceberg do some research its everywhere, its not a accident, its been in front of us all our lives you have just got to open up your mind to it.
    Kings island, interesting. the 11 is certainly no accident, well spotted!
    • CommentAuthorDarby
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2012
    I recently picked up "The Secret Architecture Of Our Nation's Capital" by David Ovason from my local used book store and it is very intriguing. While there is nothing said, thus far, regarding corporate logos, it does go into Masonic influence in the structures in Washington, D.C. Moreover, it discusses the use of zodiac symbolism, mythological symbolism and the many diligently placed items throughout the relative area.

    Thank you for the links.